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We are expert at installing CLT and Engineered Timber products. 

Why consider CLT/Engineered Timber for your dream home? 

  • Rapid Construction - the structural elements of your home will be manufactured off site to exact specifications.  Once delivered to site, these can be assembled within hours.  Not only is this good for your schedule but can also result in the release of mortgage stage payments from your lender. 

  • Thermal & Energy Performance - Passive homes achieve maximum thermal gain using the heat of the sun and the heat that everyday living generates in order to heat 

  • Fire Resistance - excellent air quality, health benefits, noise reduction and stable temperatures year round 

  • Acoustic Performance - numerous studies have shown that the initial outlay to achieve Passive house standards is offset by the energy savings of the property

  • Environmental Advantages - we only use CLT from sustainably managed forests

  • Visible Finish Grades - CLT can be a complete product in it's own right negating the need for plasterboard partitions, plastering and painting.  

  • Biophilia - it has been scientifically proven that  

The Passivhaus standard is achieved using a combination of proven methods for air tightness, insulation and certified windows and doors.


"Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is increasingly being used within residential and non-residential buildings. Offering a significant strength to weight ratio, improved installation speeds, reduced on-site waste and an inherent high standard of airtightness, CLT also has the advantage of being a renewable resource that can combine carbon sequestration with the design flexibility required in modern building practice."


            TRADA - The Leading AUTHORity on wood 

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